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Friday, November 20, 2009

First Kiss

Do you ever stop to think of those crazy memories of where you have been in your life?

My first kiss was outside, under the stars- on the patio deck at the Marriot Hotel in a gorgeous town in Virginia. I had been traveling with a team of runners on a relay down the east coast, running from Boston, MA to WPB, FL to raise money for charity.

Over the course of the trip I had met a guy from Boston. Each night, while everyone else on the team was sleeping we would both slip out of our rooms and go take a walk and talk about our lives. There was a unexplainable connection even though he was older.

Then one night, we were sitting there, on the pool deck and he leaned in for the most innocent kiss ever. It was my first real kiss. Not counting when I was 5years old in my basement in MN. It was sweet and innocent and perfect. Nothing more nothing less.

After the relay we parted ways forever. He went to join the Military and resided in Boston. I finished college in Palm Beach. It would never have amounted to anything between us as far as a relationship. It was just a moment in my life that should not be forgotten. First Kisses are memorable! Adventurous, Exotic, Romantic- and Innocent.

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