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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tribute to CS Lewis

Today I am honoring an amazing author and theologian- CS Lewis, who passed this very day in the year 1963. In my tribute, I have been reading one of his most profound writings, in my opinion, Mere Christianity. According to Lewis, the basis of morality of mankind is something that is affected by three things: our relations with others, our inner beliefs, and our relations with the Power that made us- the depth of connection with something beyond ourselves (God).

I have come to find this to be very true! Everything I hold as ethical and moral is based on my relationships with others, my inner beliefs, and my interaction with the triune God, Jesus Christ- the Creator of the universe. Today I attended a devo based around the writings of Matthew. We discussed Matt 5:14-16 regarding our purpose to be an extension of "light" in the world, or "morality," if you will.

To be a reflector of light we must be in direct contact with the source of light. I loved how one guy put it "When we have been in contact with something or someone good, it can't help but permeate and show to those around us." Our happiness will be radiant once we have experienced a deep connection with God. This is where I believe morality comes into play....

When we experience the light (through getting to know the mind of God) we reflect it in our actions and, in turn, in our interactions with others. CS Lewis was right on! Through our connection with God, light transcends into our inner selves and beliefs and our relationships with others. There really are three variables: 1. man and man 2. man himself 3. man and God.

The ultimate reason behind morality and extending light into society is to bring honor to God. It can be likened to a candle burning. Like a candle's wick, we are not the source of light ourselves but an extension of it and ,as we burn, we diminish- while the light gets brighter.

Once we have this direct contact with the source of light- the SON of God (the third morality variable according to CS Lewis), "we cannot help speaking about what we have heard and seen." (Acts 4:13,20)

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