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Monday, May 3, 2010

The Importance of People

I was really inspired by what I heard yesterday at a service regarding relationships and mending broken relationships in our lives. You are not defined by your past, let God define you. Then you can be a true friend to others.

Some points that stuck out:

  • Failure does not have to be fatal - so if we have wronged someone, we can have grace with ourselves and go back and do what is right, IF it is right to go back.
  • Have Strong Commitment, be faithful - so stick to your values in the midst of unhealthy relationships, or friendships gone bad.
  • Use gifts God has given you for the gospel - so if your focus is on God and seeking His will, then you will discover what your strengths are on this earth.
  • Finish well - so at the end of your life, you look back knowing you lived a respectful life.

FAITH HOPE and LOVE are among the most important things in our lives. We need it in our personal lives and we need it corporately through Christ. Corporately speaking, Faith is seen in the Scriptures, Hope is seen in the HOPE of GLORY through Jesus Christ, and Love is seen through understanding Christ's love.

All we need is love- to mend cut-off relationships with people in our lives. All we can do is try- if they don't respond that's ok. We can only hope they can have love!

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