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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

United in Convictions

If love can persuade at all, if Christ means anything to us, we are called to be united in our convictions and our love.*

The second part of this is so easy- to be united in our love, but what about our convictions? Everyone has a different conscience level. What may be wrong for one person may be right for another person because they are not yet at that level of faith to understand deep Love. To change their bad habits/ways completely would be rash if they didn't have a full understanding of love and why they would want to change in the first place. They would be more likely to back-slide if the motivations didn't come from deep within.

Its like going on a diet. We can start out eating healthy, exercising, losing weight but if we don't truly embrace and believe in that lifestyle as the way we were meant to be we will go back to our old habits. If I diet but in the back of my mind think "life would be perfect if I could eat whatever I want forever," I am dieting out of pure discipline not understanding my health. However if I were to think "I love my body and want to take care of my body and love eating healthy because I truly can live life to the fullest this way," I won't even desire unhealthy foods anymore.

Living a life of conviction is a matter of pleasing God. Yes, He does love us regardless of whether we return the love to Him or not, but I truly believe it IS possible to receive favor in His eyes. Living in conviction means contemplating our actions and treating people with respect. It means making things right when we have been wrong and living in integrity and honesty. But living right will only last if we are moved by His love to live that way. Its like spreading the peace and contentment we have in our own lives to others so they can have it too.

In a world where everyone is out for themselves, someone with integrity is looked up to. So, if we are moved to live that way, we will be inspirational to society in a positive way. But admiration should not be our goal, it is just a by-product of the Love that is very real and very present in our lives. Afterall, God is Love.

*Taken from Phil 2:1-2

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