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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Truth in Love

Truth expressed without love becomes pride. Often, truth becomes the first casualty in worldly discussion.

I want to come to a place of complete contentment in my faith and Gods love for humanity that I can live out a life of truth wherever I am. Through experiencing new relationships, I am aware of the need in this world for true love. Love in the truest sense, a love that embraces truth, a love that is blameless and righteous and lasts. A love that embraces truth.

I went out with a few friends a few weeks ago. I ended up having a few drinks at this lounge bar downtown and met a few people. This one girl, someone completely gorgeous and had every guys attention came up to me. We started talking and ended up leaving with my guy friends and a few other guys. Throughout the course of the night I talked to this one guy Abeal. He was expressing how he was in a place where he wanted to find someone that would last. He had been screwed over in the past. (He had had a few drinks and was on a tangent, but I sat and listened). At the end of the night, my guy friend (who was my ride home) ended up leaving me and I wasn't in a place to drive. Abeal brought me up to his friends place, got me water, and set up an air mattress for me – knowing that I had a boyfriend and that nothing would ever happen. He told me- thank you for listening to him. He said I could trust him and I overheard him thanking his friend for letting me stay there so that he could (in a way repay) take care of me. Then the next morning, the girl, Jennifer, came and checked on me. That night she called and asked if I was doing anything, that she felt drawn to me because I seemed like someone she could trust, someone who was “normal.”

Throughout the course of the weekend I kept reflecting on them and I realized that what people are really craving is true love. True friendship built on trust and genuine concern for each other's well-being. Someone who doesn't judge them, but loves them. I just wish I knew that balance of showing them God's love and showing them His desire for them to live a life of morality, without judging them. Showing them God's desire to get a hold of their hearts and their lives.

We all crave it, just so many times we don't know that is what we are really after. We become confused and think that we really will be satisfied with a one night stand to boost our egos. I mean, to have whatever we want whenever we want it is the American dream right? To use our amazing skills and charming looks to attract complete strangers and live a life of adventure. Although this is something that will keep us satisfied for awhile, there will be one morning we wake up and realize that we are right where we started. We have nothing solid, no go-to person who loves us unconditionally. The problem with the one-night stand dilemma is that it is completely conditional love in every sense of the word. We use what we have to shoot for the goal. Its confusing because it keeps us distracted for a while- thinking that that is all we want, but deep down its not what we were created for.

Throughout this experience, I realized that I am living a life of truth, it is less and less becoming a casualty in my discussions and my life.

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