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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Living in the world by hiddeness

"Living in the world by hiddeness and compassion unites us with it because it allows us to discover the world in the center of our being. It is not hard to notice that those who are very involved in the world are out of touch with its deepest struggles and pains, while those who live in solitude and community often have a great knowledge of the significant events of their time and a great sensitivity to the people who are subject to these events." ... writes Henry Nouwan in his book "Compassion."

I believe this is so true! Often in my life I am more in touch with humanity when I take time to focus on what truly matters... love, faith, genuine concern for others. When we experience true love and concern for others and receive that kind of love back from others, its near impossible to not recognize those who do not have it in their lives. I feel that I want to continuously seek out the people who need it and encourage them and see their lives fulfilled when they feel it.

People who are content and have true love in their lives impact everyone around them and inspire them to live their lives to the fullest. It is people that are in touch with themselves and their value in God's eyes that can encourage others.

I believe that compassion is encouragement. Compassion is love. Compassion is everything opposite of selfishness.

I have been meeting several people lately that seem to have a true understanding of compassion by the way the live their lives. It shows!!! :-)

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