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Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall in the Air

Today has been gorgeous in every sense of the word. It is sunny, breezy, and a tad bit cooler (about 5 degrees, but I'll take it!) I woke up kind of late so had to scramble this morning and ended up whipping up a quick sweet onion veggie omelette. Its really a lot faster than I think and I always feel so much healthier starting my day with tons of protein, especially the days I have no time to go to the gym before work.

The first step out the door instantly made me smile. It was so nice out, its almost impossible to have a bad day in Florida! Driving to my first stop I reflected over all the things I have in my life to be grateful for. Besides just the ability to live in a beautiful condo along the waterway, I have been blessed with amazing friends and family. So many times I reflect on the bad around me or negative things about my life that I forget all the people that truely care and I truely care about. One thing I have realized is that our attitude and our presence affects everyone around us at all times. If I am feeling down on myself or comparing my life to everyone around me, I will miss opportunities to love others and to encourage their day. People will be able to sense that feeling of discontent in my life and will not be drawn to the Love and Peace that God brings and that could have been exended to them if I had submitted my mind and heart to Him earliy in the day.

Its hard to reflect on the good sometimes but I am going to try to make a point this week to count and recount my blessings. Maybe I will be more aware of what I have and more observant of opportunites to share what I have with people in need.

God open my eyes to ways I can give and serve You. Let me focus on Your love and not my own misfortunes. Amen.

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