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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Choose Truth

This morning I awoke to several negative thoughts going through my mind. Thoughts about my self worth and my need to revert to old habits to attain happiness. Thoughts encouraging me to fill my life with the bad addictions from the past. Somehow, in my mind, I feel that if I could accomplish those things I would be happier. But the truth is that striving for those things under the wrong negative spirit will only result in sin. If the wrong motivations are driving it, then I will not be accomplishing anything out of compassion and love, but rather, I will accomplish it through selfish pride.

Interesting enough, I received a call this morning from someone that woke up praying for me. She told me that these thoughts were lies, having no knowledge of how I felt at all. Its so interesting how everything can be going well in the world but our perception is skewed because of how we feel about ourselves some days. Almost all of the mental illnesses in this world would be cured completely if people realized their self worth in Christ and renounced the lies that the world feeds into their minds.

Once I made up my mind to stop believing negative lies about myself I felt instantly better. Once again, its a gorgeous day outside and I am at Starbucks, sending a few emails for work.. And as chance would have it, I just got a free vanilla frappacino!!! (they made 2 by mistake)

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