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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

HEATing it Up

Last night was a close game between the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics. In the last quarter they even got as close as a 3-point gap. When all seemed lost after a 15 point lead by the Celtics at halftime, Lebrone stepped up to the challenge and led his team to an almost victory.

So many times in life it feels like we are in it alone. When others around us seem discouraged and down (like Wade who had a bad night last night), all it takes is someone to step it up and take initiative in a ppositive direction to encourage us. Near the end of the game Wade even redeemed himself with a 3 pointer bringing us to a close 3 point gap.

It was an enjoyable evening, watching the game with close friends, eating wings and dessert and discussing the plays. It is always so inspiring to me to watch people giving their all on the court, dripping full of sweat but still keeping their head in the game. I hope to be that way all through my life- to never give up despite the circumstances around me. The game ended 80 to 88- not too bad considering the struggle to get there.

Today is my birthday and I hope to work even harder- I am so blessed to have had 25 amazing years and look forward to the years to come :)

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