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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vintage Lace, Shots of Sweetness....Here's to 25 years!

My 25th Birthday was unforgetable! I went to the gym early morning and got in a 5 mile run which set the tone for a perfect day. Its cool because even the girl at the gym counter wished me a happy birthday (so sweet and crazy how she knew?)

On my lunch break I went shopping with the money I had received in a birthday card from my grandma. It was so fun to go on a shopping spree! I got a cute vintage lace dress to wear out to my surprise dinner bday date with Bryan. Bryan said to arrive at his place around 6pm.

When I arrived he had a HUGE box wrapped with my initials on it. But that was for later. Dinner was first. Seasons 52 is one of the best places on earth and that's exactly where Bryan took me! There was a piano lounge player at the bar when we walked in and the atmosphere was perfect- dimly lit candles on every table, live classy music, and the best Autumn Seasonally inspired menu. We ordered the Shrimp Feta flat bread- which tasted deliciously sweet and slightly spicy with a perfect crispy texture.

Next was the main course- Cedar plank Salmon served with an assortment of steamed baby carrots, crisp asparagus, and roasted garlic red potato slices. Every bite was more savory than the last and we devoured every last bit.

The best part was dessert. The waiter came to the table with a candle for me and had the lounge player do an original remmondition of happy birthday- right to me! It was beautiful. Whats more, the waiter treated us to 6 dessert shots on the house! Each one rich and decadent and delicious! We got Pumpkin Pie, Swiss Mocha Mouse, Peanut Butter/Chocolate Mouse with shaved white chocolate, Pecan Pie, and Blueberry Cheesecake.

It couldn't have been a better birthday! But there were still gifts! When we arrived at Bryan's place I opened the Huge box- inside was a Kitchen Aid food processor! My very own!!!!! (I had mentioned I wanted on months ago and forgot he even knew!) All I could think of was all the parties I can have now- complete with hummus, guacamole, Banana PB Mouse desserts, and pina coladas! A perfect end to a perfect birthday!

I am so blessed to have an amazing boyfriend, wonderful friends, and a loving family! 25 amazing years - and.......Cheers to lower car insurance! ;-)

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