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Friday, October 15, 2010

Perception creates reality

So glad its Friday!!!!!!

My drive home last night was beautiful. So many times I forget that I live in Paradise. Really, every place has its beauty but its so easy to forget. When I lived in Orlando, it was the HUGE pine trees behind our house. I always focused on the 2 foot gap between the houses and the crazy traffic. When I lived in Jupiter, it was the lake, or"retention pond," behind our house with tons of birds and nature to enjoy every morning. My window had several citris trees right outside and I felt like we were living in an exotic S American country everytime I looked outside. But so many times, I focused on the negative things around us- like waiting in traffic for the bridges on the waterway to lift. I guess my point is that its all about our perception of life and I truely believe that our perception creates our reality. How we view our lives affects everything, our emotions, our stress levels, our actions, how we treat others, and most importantly, what we think about ourselves. I think in order to give to others with our whole hearts we have to have a good perception of ourselves- if it truly heartfelt.

Enjoy your Friday!!! There will always be something wrong but the happiest people are those who realize whats right! :)

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