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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lets Plan on IT!

Today has been a relaxing one- and productive. I was on a roll this morning and made several calls first thing leaving the day looking great! I love mornings when I have I am on top of things from the beginning! It gives me energy to plan out my day and cross things off the list. LOVE IT!!!! :)

The most important thing I plan is my meals.. When I have time to think ahead I eat healthier. Last night my roommate had made homemade sausage cheese balls when I got home and I indulged a bit too much. Today I am back on track and eating protein bars, fruit, and green tea throughout the day to keep me satisfied til the big bday cookout tonight I am going to with Bryan and a few friends on Singer Island. Tonight Ill limit myself to 1 burger and of-course plenty of iced tea and BDAY cake! How could I ever skip on THAT!?!

In other news, my best friend in the whole world and I planned a girls weekend getaway a few days ago. We plan to go on a cruise to the Bahamas in Dec. Just us girls! I am craving time away and can't wait to sail the wide open seas, enjoy gourmet cuizine, and be pampered at the spa.

A Question to think about......
How do you spend your vacation time? Do you find yourself craving a trip somewhere exotic or just spending a "me day" doing all the things you love but never have time for?

For me, its a mixture of both. I feel that I need those "me" days every once in a while. to go running at 11am, sip starbucks while curled up with a good novel, and work on projects like scrapbooks and planning holiday/bday presents for family and friends. But with vacation time I also get fullfillment in traveling- going somewhere new and capturing it on photo. Its not just the traveling I enjoy but spending quality time with good friends. What could be better!?!

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