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Friday, November 5, 2010


Hopfully last night will be the last time this year we will be putting the air down low to sleep. My first step outside this morning greeted my with a burst of cool wind swirling around my sleeveless shirt and knee-length pencil skirt. BURRRRRR! Chilly at first, but in reality, I LOVE this time of year!!! Time to bring out the cute scarves, gloves, and my favorite- boots!!!!!

The best part of "cold" weather in Florida is that it always is accompanied with the beautiful sun and clear skies. It really is the best time of year when the rainy months of summer come to a close and the skies open up. Myabe its just me, but the ocean even looks bluer in the winter. Love it!
** pic: http://www.rhondasand.com/2009/03/05/ncl-epic-the-new-standard-for-cruise-ships/

Question to think about:
Whens your favorite time of year? (click on comments below to answer)

For me its definietly the holidays. The cool air, the cute clothes, and decoartions in every department store. People just seem happy!

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