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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

People who inspire...

I have been reading an autobiography by Condoleeza Rice called Extraordinary Ordinary People. In it Rice describes her life in early segregated America and how she continually allowed successful mentors and teachers from all paths of life to shape her life. She stresses the importance of leading younger generations through mentorship and council and the importance of looking up to people who have accomplished much in their lives. I have found so much inspiration from her thoughts and think this message of mentorship should be implemented in our society.

She grew up an only child under her parents who had various professional occupations of Professor, Teacher, and Reverend at different points in their lives. However at all stages of their lives, her parents never settled in their current occupations, but rather looked for ways to sow into people's lives and enrich their own understanding of society.

Neither age nor background can hinder a person from pursuing their dreams. The only thing that can hinder people is their own self-doubt (something in their own minds). I love reading books like this because they give me a better picture of where I am in life and they allow me to start thinking about the things I want to accomplish. Every stage of life has meaning and is an opportunity to grow.

If you haven't read it, I strongly encourage anyone and everyone to pick up a copy :)

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