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Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Fan!

Besides the great commercials and food, last night was a great night to watch the Cheese Heads take on victory! As a midwestern girl (Vikings fan) I decided to cheer for my other half of the family's team last night- just to be nice ;-) I was glad I did. I love a great game and I love being on the winning team haha.

My friend had a bunch of friends over to his house for the big game. And no game is complete without the necessities: my homemade guacemole w white corn tortilla chips! The party food turned out nicely: lil smokers w pineapple and bbq sauce, pizza poppers, dorritos, pretzels, white bean tostidas, homemade jalapeno poppers, and of course...pina coladas and jello shots! It was delicious! And even more exciting than the food was hanging out with a great group of friends (some of whom I have known for over 5 years).

After helping myself to a variety plate with a bite of everything, I fell into a food coma on the couch to be awoken at the end of the game to Victory! Not sure how I missed the last quarter of the game... whoops.

After 8 hours of sleep and a 5 mile run this morning I decided to get on the road fast and drove through McDonalds. I was pleasantly surprised by their healthy bfast options. I ordered the Fruit Oatmeal- it was delicious! Perfect healthy start to the day and went great with a $1.60 cup of premium coffee. When time doesn't permit me to make bfast at home, I think I have found a new morning staple.

(Source- Poppers)
Source- Guac)
Source- Smokies)
(Source- MD)

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