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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hint of Lime/Love

First off, last night was a great time! 4 girlfriends, chips, salsa, and THE BACHELOR! I am definitely beginning to think that Emily is going to win. She has the most heart and the sweetest spirit compared to the other girls. Chantal is a close second. She is the furthest emotionally in the show having said she loves Brad last night!

Chantal's words were so true. When Brad asked her how she knew she loved him, she replied that it was when she started feeling compassionately for him instead of jealous. She loved him not the idea of winning him. That is so true to life. True love is feeling for the other person, empathizing with them. Funny how you can gain insight from a "mindless" reality tv-show, lol.

I tried a new salsa last night- delicious! Publix Deli Mild with Hint of Lime Tostitos chips. There was a perfect blend of cilantro in the salsa paired with the lime chips. Great combo!

(Source- Emily)
Source- Chantal)

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