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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Long Workouts are Relaxing!

Monday's Workout: Bikram Session

Monday was a slightly stressful day at work. I am a rep for a medical company and visit physicians, hospitals, and health care facilities in PBC and Treasure Coast region. Sometimes the driving gets to be a lot and I can drive up to 200miles a day!

However, there are also several benefits to this as well. Before I started I never left the 15mile radius of work, school, church, friends, grocery store, shopping mall. Now that I am driving all over south Florida everyday I have become extremely familiar with different cities. I love to try new things and experience new atmospheres so it is exciting not knowing where I may end up each day.

Monday was one of those "lots of driving days" and I knew I needed to de-stress after work. What better way then Bikram Yoga! After 90 minutes of intense sweat I felt amazing! I actually had more energy and felt more in tune with my body and breathing, etc.

Its funny but since I started doing yoga, I have started to even sleep in savasana position- which I heard is really good for blood flow.

Tuesday's Workout: 44min run outside

I was still on a high from my yoga session the night before so I decided to get up early and go on a 5.25 mile run over on Palm Beach Island.

I love morning runs! There are always tons of bikers and other runners out. It is fun to see the city wake up, restaurants setting out their tables, boutiques putting out their signs, coffee shops filling up with lines of business people.

aerial view of the bridges I run

The rest of the day was a rollarcoaster at work but knowing that I had gotten in a run that morning made it everything and anything bearable!

Today's Workout: 1 hour TM run

Then today I slept in. It felt sooooo good to wake up with the light streaming through my window instead of the alarm clock buzzing in my ear- although it was still 7am! ;-)

I had a perfect morning- reading a little, making a green tea soy milk latte, and one egg omelet with a side of fruit.

The plan is to run an hour tonight on the treadmill. I love long slow paced runs! I can just zone out and let my thoughts run wild :-)

Question: What's your favorite type of workout?

I love to get home from work and just go- not thinking about speed, form, anything. Just breathing and listening to music as I mindlessly run for minutes on end!

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