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Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Workouts

This weekend was full of a variety of different workouts!

Saturday's Workout:

Saturday morning I decided to give the weekend a fresh start and rolled out of bed at 8am to make the 9am spin class at the gym. Its one of the most popular classes and I had to be there early to sign in reserve my bike ;-) I warmed up before class on the stair climber:

10 minutes - star climber

70 minutes - intense spin class riding! :)

I felt soooooo good afterwards! I love morning workouts. It de-stresses me and gives me energy for the rest of the day. I love the feeling of being completely DRENCHED in sweat because I know I pushed myself to the fullest.

Sunday's Workout:

Sunday morning I decided to do a quick gym session before church and was glad I did! :) Once again the rest of the day was so much more enjoyable having sweat out some toxins early in the morning!

My workout was:

15 minutes Stairmaster

15 minutes Treadmill (interval training below)

50 leg raises

Interval Training

5min at 7.4- warmup

1 min at 7.5

1 min at 9.2

1min at 7.5

1min at 9.3

1min at 7.5

1min at 9.3

1min at 7.6

1min at 9.4

1min at 7.6

1min at 10.0!!!


The rest of the weekend was spent:

shopping with Bryan

eating Mexican at On The Border


cheering on the US Woman's Soccer Team in the World Cup (at the local sports bar)

reading The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (which I highly recommend!)

getting in some pool time


going to a Brazillian BBQ

and OF COURSE spending time with friends!

I also purchased a new scale over the weekend. I want to stay on track with my fitness goals and have gained 5lbs in the last month (probably from all the BBQs and summer parties I have been attending).

But I truly believe that if I stay PROACTIVE in my fitness goals I will attain those goals and get back on track before 5lbs becomes 10lbs, and 10lbs become 15lbs etc.....

Staying positive about who I am and not letting my number on the scale define me is the key! But the scale is a great helpful measuring tool to help me see results.


Do you use a scale? How often do you weigh yourself?

I usually like to know my weight in the morning so I know if I am maintaining a healthy lifestyle or not and can base my nutritional choices and decisions for the day on that knowledge.


  1. Spin class! I love spin class! I only weigh myself when I'm at other people's houses who have a scale (shhhh, don't tell), which only ends up being about once a month. I don't own one myself and that is an intentional choice.

  2. Your weekends/workouts sound a lot like mine!!!! Love the blog :)