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Thursday, September 1, 2011

One Hour Treadmill + a Sweet Day!

Thank you Kim, Kloe, and Kourtney!  Thanks to my guilty pleasure of watching you on E!, I ran a total of 7 miles :-)

Earlier today I had the privilege of having the Miami Rep join me on my marketing route!  I always love having company and the best part is we always find a great place for lunch! 

Today we went to a cute little cafe in Jupiter called Too Bizaar.  It was very uniquely and whimsically decorated with tons of antique chandlers and vintage style furniture and couches.  Definitely my kind of place!  I ordered a salmon sushi hand roll, ginger salad, and hot green tea.
Sadly, my phone camera doesn't have flash- but you get the gist. 

The Miami Rep and I both have to get our daily Starbucks fix!  And.... we both like:
Dessert!  Starbucks thinks of everything don't they?

Today's Exercise:
After a great day, I decided to get in a longer workout. 

After eating a few dried figs and a (few) handfull(s) of dark chocolate chips I made my way to the gym on the first floor of my condo.  I was going to just do a 5 mile run on the treadmill but when I saw the Kardashians were on, I was motivated to stay longer.

Do you usually watch TV when working out at the gym?  What TV shows motivate you the most?

I usually watch E! TV or I like to watch ESPN while listening to music.  Seeing athletes motivates me to keep going.

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