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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Birthday Week

One bonus to Bryan and my relationship is that our birthdays are two days apart!  So rather than a birthDAY its always a birthWEEK!  We started the week with having separate birthday parties with our friends.  For mine, I organized a Girls Chocolate Fondue night at the Melting Pot.

 This was truly the best fondue at the table- Cookies n Cream w Marshmallows! Delish!

For Bryan's we went to a Middle Eastern Grill with friends.  It was complete with a belly dancer ;-)

And the BDAY week continues....
Last night I took him out to a seafood grill in Jupiter, FL called Tapica Grill.  It was phenomenal!

We both ordered the salmon and couldn't have been happier!  After dinner (and dessert!) we went back to my place where he opened his gifts.  I ended up getting him tons of clothes from his favorite sports teams: MSU Spartans and the Detroit Lions.  I also threw in a DVD and a few dressier shirts (because they look so good on him!)

After gift-opening, we relaxed and dove into some great conversations about the book we are both reading. 

And the best part?  My bday is on Thursday so we get to celebrate again! :-)

Today's Run:
5 miles:
1mile @ 7.5 1% incline
1mile @ 7.6 1% incline
1mile @ 7.7 1% incline
1mile @ 7.8 1.5% incline
.5mile @ 7.9 1%incline
.25mile @ 8.0 .5%incline
.25mile @ 8.5 .5%incline

Total: 5 miles in 39:07minutes

Question: Do you have multiple birthday celebrations for your birthday? 
I love celebrating the whole week whether its mine or a friends!  Birthdays only come once a year! Why not?!?

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