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Monday, October 17, 2011

Lunch at Paris

Back in college I rarely went out to eat.  I lived on meal plans and protein bars.  But there was one exception to that rule:  Paris Bakery and Cafe!  I discovered the quaint french family-owned cafe my second year in school and went at least once a week to get a taste of Paris. 

Located a few blocks from my university it was the perfect lunch spot to walk to with a friend. 

Serving sweet and savory crepes with bechmal sauce, enormous fresh and exquisite salads, homemade french bread, and their famous tarragon dressing, it easily became a favorite spot of mine. 

The other day I had a craving for the delicious healthy cuisine of Paris and called a friend for a quick lunch date. 
Having visited Paris a few years ago, it felt very similar.  Sidewalk tables, french accents, and amazing service.  And what made this date extra special???!!!??  A new guest joined us...

Sweet little William!  Born just a month ago.  He slept the whole time but he was precious!

Today's Workout:
Gym Run -
1% incline
49:30 minutes

Do you have a favorite lunch spot?


  1. My grandma's house is my fave lunch spot! Haha seriously! Can't beat home cooking :)

  2. Love gma's cooking! I wish mine lived closer!