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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Go Green

One of the best things about being in Florida is that we are always a few hours away from any major Football stadium.  With 3 NFL teams, and tons of  great college teams, its a great place to spectate. 

For Christmas, Bryan received 2 tickets to the MSU Bowl game.  It was a blast.  After Spending time with this little guy....

Ethan Michael, my cute little Nephew
 We arrived in Tampa....

MSU vs. Georgia Bowl Game
 For the game of the season!

What excitement!
 We were on the edge of seats the whole time!

Bryan's mom got us amazing seats just a few rows up from the endzone.

Overall, MSU kicked butt and won by 4 points.  After the 3rd overtime, I was about to die of FREEZING.  The whole day had been extremely warm til about 4pm when tempatures began dropping rapidly. 

After the game the only thing on my mind was.... Get me warm!  We raced to the shuttle pickup point at Burger King and grabbed a hot tea.  Thank God for warm beverages that make life bearable in 50 degree windy weather.

In MN, I used to have the gear for this kind of thing, but now, with a few scarves and sweaters, I find myself frozen to the bone in cold weather. 

Time to start looking for a wool jacket I guess ;-)

Do you like watching football?
Love it!  I like being outside (when its warm lol). And I love the excitement, the crowds, the cheering, etc. FUN!
Do you normally eat at the game or before/after?
I always eat prior.  The prices are steep at the stadium and not the healthiest options.  I also like to pack snacks like granola and nuts to bring in unsuspected.
Did your college have football?
Mine didn't so I love being able to truely appreciate all teams and the sport itself.  I also have adopted Bryan's team when we go to MSU sporting events together ;-) he got me a shirt and everything!

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