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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Oh Baby!

My friend Stephanie and her husband threw quite the party the other day. It was a themed coed baby shower and it couldn't have been more fun! It was the first baby shower that Bryan and I had ever attended together.

Once we arrived, we caught up on social time with everyone. Her mom, the shower host, provided several snacks and munchies.

After an hour our so it was time for a cook out out on the patio by the pool! It was a gorgeous sunny day.  The delicious food included Burgers with a gourmet topping bar (including bacon), 100% beef hotdogs grilled to perfection, shrimp macaroni salad, potato salad from scratch, and delicious veggie antipasto salad.

Then time for the games! The first game was fun and extremely creative. Each couple was given a tube of play-dough and was told to"make a baby." The jokes that came from this game alone made the whole thing extremely funny.

In the end my play-dough baby sculpture (the teal one on the right) was selected by the parents to be as the winner! I was so honored, truly!:) The winner received the best prize there is in my opinion....

After a few more fun and exceptionally cheesy games (to our enjoyment, of course) it was time for presents and cake. The below picture is of the diaper cake (which obviously is not the one we ate haha).  The real cake was vanilla with a thick raspberry filling and buttercream frosting. It was DELISH!

Overall, it was great shower and super fun way to honor such a beautiful couple on their first baby! Congrats Stephanie and Robert!
BTW, the shower was "Rubber Ducky" themed, as you might be able to tell from the above picture ;-)
Today's Workout:
I ran 2 miles at 7.5 on the treadmill and 3 miles outside at a comfortable pace.  Weather was a bit hot at 7am, but I enjoyed seeing the sun after all the rain we have experienced.
1. Have you ever been to a themed party?  What was your favorite one?
I LOVE themed parties!  Perhaps my favorite was Mexican themed "fiesta" where we all wore sombreros, and ate tacos, and hit a piñata.   
2. What games did you play at the last baby shower you attended? Or bridal shower for that matter?

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