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Friday, June 7, 2013

The Eye of the Storm

The rest of the day yesterday was slightly dramatic. I was sitting in one of my offices waiting to see the office manager when suddenly I overhead the tornado warming on the radio. Seconds later, a womans voice, panic stricken, came over the loud speaker calling all the managers to the her office room.

I looked out the window, everything was dreary but peaceful. Soon the rain came in a downpour for a few minutes and left.

Later on in the day I was listening to music when suddenly another warning steamed the radio, but thus time the announcer said the tornado was forming in the eat part of Fort Pierce, just where I happened to be!

He said to get indoors, to get on the bottom floor, and to stand away from all windows.
I didn't even want to chance it, I drive straight west and decided to head back to my company branch just south. I made it out, but it was ugly driving conditions and at times I had to go 30 on the highway just to see past the down pour.


Once back in Jupiter, FL I grabbed my lip gloss in an attempt to be professional on my way into the office. By this time I am sure my hair was flying in 20 different angles and frizzy as high as the ceiling ;)

At the end of the day I realize I should never drive in those conditions. I am lucky I didn't crash. I am thankful I made it.

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