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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


This past weekend was incredible! Bryan and I decided to celebrate our birthdays with the group in old-school fashion and went out Friday for a night of bowling, light beer, and dancing! It was fantastic!
The next night Bryan and I got an early start and headed to the green market downtown WPB after a fall-inspired breakfast of pumpkin pancakes, crisp apples, and vanilla spiced tea. It was gorgeous out and we indulged in my favorite CIDER DOUGHNUTS! Nothing could be tastier on a beautiful Autumn morning.
That afternoon we met up with friends for the MSU game (saddest game of the season). But we didn't let it get us down and ended up going out for one of the best nights of the year- Moonfest. It wasn't the event itself that made it the best night (infact Moonfest was a bit crowded for my taste) but it was what happened on that night that topped the night off!
Bryan and I were dancing at one of the lounges downtown when he looked straight into my eyes and told me the words I have been waiting to hear for so long.... "I Love you." I have been so in love with him for months but haven't wanted to say anything before it was the right time. He asked me later what makes it the right time and my reply was simple. "When both people feel it." Thats exactly where we are right now. We both feel it and have felt it for a few months so it was perfect timing to let it be known!
I feel that everything is progressing at the perfect speed. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Fall is in the Air, Love is in the Air, and LIFE IS GOOD!

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