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Thursday, November 4, 2010


Today was one of those days- woke up starved and didn't want to completely destroy my day by rampaging the fridge (especially after the DELICIOUS Italian dinner I had last night with Bryan~ compliments of Lisa's bday giftcard to us for Carrabas- Thank you LISA!!!)

I was completely sore rolling out of bed so I knew that a 5 mile run this morning was just not going to happen. BUT, NEVER LOSE hope, CHOC DELIGHT PROTEIN BAR came to the rescue!!! I decided I would go to the gym and workout light for 45minutes and treat myself to Chocolate afterward..... (if all else fails I can always motivate myself for the gym with something indulgence afterward- whether it be a bath, chocolate, or massage). I ended up running 3 miles at 7.1 speed and trekking 2 miles on the elliptical trainer while watching Hollywood E (for some reason it really motivates me to watch this???!!). It was perfect, I was glad I made myself go and even more excited that I had started my day out right. So many times I hit the snooze button thinking I'll be happy to get the sleep but have a harder time getting started then if I would just jump out of bed right away and go to the gym.

The best part of working out first thing in the morning is that I feel I DESERVE a satisfying bfast. Bryan introduced me to Pure Protein bars a few months ago and I am in LOVE with them! Everytime I open a bar I let each bite melt in my mouth. The best part is that after about 3 bites I feel satisfied. Its crazy how fast it works and its so awesome that its actually GOOD for you too with 20 grames of protein!

I swear I should be a marketer for them haha, but I truly love this stuff!

**** Photo compliments of www.meltingmama.net

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