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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weekend + New Cafe!

So the weekend activities included:


Sleeping in :)

Shopping with Bryan

Meeting up with friends for the MSU/MU game

Going out in WPB to a new salsa club (we got free VIP)


Poolside Cookout

Going out for Frozen Yogurt


And then Monday-

I was craving something out of the norm.... so halfway through the work day I called my friend Heather to see if she wanted to meet up on the island for lunch. We ended up going to TooJays Deli and it was fabulous! It was one of those days- the sun shining, gorgeous breeze, and I wanted to be near the ocean. After lunch I drove along the beach as I headed back to work. Its little moments like these that I so often need to feel refreshed and remember to be thankful for all the things I am blessed with.

After work I went to a spinning class. It kicked my butt! I felt so exhausted afterwards so Bryan and I ordered spinach salads to go and vegged out at his place for the rest of the evening.

Then Tuesday-

I called my friend Glenn and met him downtown Delray Beach for a cup of tea at this new cafe called Spot Coffee. It was awesome. The entire cafe is set up with different levels of couches and tables and the cafe opens up to the sidewalk- allowing the fresh air inside. It was a nice change from Starbucks, which I am getting quite sick of these days (NEVER thought I would say that!!!). I like to support the less chainy smaller emerging comapies anyways.

Spot Coffee, Delray Beach

After lunch and work, I went for a 5mile run at the gym and then met Bryan for dinner at Jason's Deli. I LOVE that place. Their salad bar is packed with mixed greens, fresh trail mix, whole eggs, sprouts, homemade hummas, and every veggie imaginable. The best part? Dessert is FREE!

After dinner we went back to watch the Miami Heat game with his roomate. It was a nice little Tuesday evening :)

Question: Do you prefer routines in life or leaving things up in the air?

I used to be a big routine person planning EVERYTHING from my 9 mile run at 5am the morning to my discussion group at 10pm. But now that I am out of school- I am much more lax and find myself doing way more "spare of the moment" activities. I do like to have a general plan though.

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  1. I pretty much stick to my routines, but it is nice to change it up every now and then!

    I would much rather go to a local restaurant/coffee shop over a chain!