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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Date Night - Leftovers Café

We were in the Jupiter area few nights ago and decided to go to one of our favorite spots for dinner- Leftovers Café.

The best way to describe this place is a quaint, ecclectic, key-west style, classy upscale restaurant with a friendly, laid back vibe. 

I have tried a few things on their menu and loved everything! As you can see, everything is very unique.

This time I was in the mood for savory with a hint of sweet so I went with the sweet potato crusted salmon. It was devine! The place its pricey but the dishes are so unique and out of this world!

We were tempted stay awhile to try the berry cheesecake, knowing it would be anything but ordinary, but my allergies were bothering me (massive headache) so we decided leave and rent a movie and take it easy the rest of the night.  A nice evening.
Today's Workout:
After work tonight I went for a 4 mile run. 20 min prior to the run, I ate heaping spoons of almond butter and a few oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  Let's just say it was not my best run!  It was a struggle, but I am glad I endured.  I was so mad at myself for not waiting to pig-out until after I exercise.  If I could learn the art of self-control, I think my running would be much easier. But at least I did it- cramps and all. Now time to relax.

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